For so many years I have worked with fabric, stretched tight, as an element of lightness and suspension, an expression of sky and spirit. So I decided to dive into another material all together, clay, which is earth bound, governed by gravity and so usually built up from the ground. It s a heavy medium. The sculptures are built with an inner structure and an outer skin, both of clay.

I feel drawn to the female body for its expression and beauty. Some parts of my sculptures are very literal and some point to another dimension of living or being. My sculptures speak of my experiences, an expression of energy moving in the body.

Praying Woman front view

Praying Woman back view

Bowing Woman front view

Bowing Woman side view

Embodied Woman front view

Embodied Woman side view

Torso woman front view

Torso woman side view

Blue Hip Woman front view

Blue Hip Woman side view

Blue Fin Woman front view

Blue Fin Woman side view

Twisted Torso Woman Sketch